Friday, October 23, 2015

Designed by Aliens?

There is serious discussions going on in the scientific community right now that a mystery object floating around a star 1,500 light years away could, in fact, be an alien structure.  Here is a representative article:

Have we really discovered a huge alien megastructure?

It's interesting, being a Christian in a scientific-related field. "Faith has no place in science," I've been told. "We deal only with the empirical, only that which can be tested against the scientific method."

Got it. And while there have been a number of fellow engineers willing to seriously discuss matters of faith and science, more often than not, suggestions that an intelligent, divine and eternal being exists that not only created this incredible universe, but also loves you and died for you, are often met with that condescending smile usually reserved for your sweet grandma that has a slight case of dementia.

Sir Francis Crick
Yet ever since Sir Francis Crick (winner of the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize for Physiology or Medicine, and famous anti-religious zealot) postulated that primordial life must have been shipped here by aliens in spaceships, science has "jumped the shark", so to speak.  But what else can you do when you come to the conclusion that life springing from non-life just isn't possible?

"You believe that God created the universe? [smirk] That's ridiculous."

"You believe aliens brought life here from their super-secret mega structure on star KIC 8462852? [contemplative nod while stroking chin] Hmm, it's possible."

At the end of the article referenced above, the author says, "But, here or elsewhere, we’re surely going to find some sign of another intelligent race eventually." Why are we so desperate to believe aliens are "out there"? Because each one of us was created in the image of God, and therefore way deep down we know instinctively that we are connected to something bigger and greater in the universe.

The author is right, there is "intelligence" out there. But here's a hint: It's not an alien, and you can find Him right now.  Romans 1:20

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