Monday, April 21, 2008

The Light Keeper

I have a big post coming soon, something I have been working on for months. In the meantime, here is a poem recently written by my 12-year old daughter, Morgan. I thought it was pretty awesome.

The Light Keeper
Morgan Foster

I sit in the dark
There are no lights
I wander aimlessly
Stumbling around
Wherever I go, I gain no ground
Everything is black
No direction to go
I look around, but find no home
Off in the distance I see a light
I travel closer
The light gets bright
That is were I want to be
I know that is my home
I travel to this place
It is right
The light shines in my heart
No matter where I go there is no dark
I go back with a light to the dark place
And show the others the shining face
The Light Keeper will never leave me
When I am troubled he helps me
He gives me a path to travel
I work hard and I know
The Keeper Of The Light is strong, so
I keep on working
Shining my light
Awaiting the return of The Light Keeper

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