Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Preach My Sermon!

I had a post last year concerning the practice of providing message transcripts for a fee. Check out this blog entry at Between Two Worlds, highlighting the next evolution in this disturbing trend - encouraging pastors to plagiarize.


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Robert said...

Plagiarized? or 'No Passion'?

We are seeing in our culture today a lack of true devoted study of God's Word. With all the fast-paced messages that can be downloaded from the net, some free and some not so free, it discourages me that Jeremiah 33:3 has been left behind in the dust of the New Testament Church.

Although this may be a later posting of an uotdated one, we can clearly see coming from our pulpits the need for revival within the pulpit and not the congregation. I have always been a true Believer in that the congregation is an emullation of its preacher/pastor. Thus we can see it today, very real and very scary. We come to our respective assembly's with itching ears and leave with them scratched. No more, and getting less frequent, are the alter calls to call on God, rather they are being replaced with "before you leave today.....".

I often wonder what God is thinking we He looks done on the 'Leaders of His flocks" and see the carnallity that flows from the pulpits........